Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not yet

For those of you who are wondering (I've gotten some e-mails on it) we have still not had the baby yet. We had another ultrasound the other day and they put the baby at 8 1/2 pounds. So we will be at the doctors office on Monday again and see what she says. My wife is ready to have the baby out of her! Our daughter will actually go up to my wife's belly and say hi to the baby and give him a hug.

In other notes, I have not forgotten about my book piracy post. It will be posted a little later tonight so watch out for it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Septembers interview

Every month I have an exclusive interview up on my website. I've decided that when a new interview is posted that the old one will be put up here on the blog so it can be archived and people can read the old interviews if they so choose. Here's the one from September:

Q: How soon is Bounty Hunter to being published?
RJ: Pretty close, I think. Within the next few days or so I'm gonna start looking for someone to do the cover. The story's basically done, just putting the finishing touches on.

Q: How does it stack up in your mind to Assassin & Escape?
RJ: I think it's pretty similar to Assassin in terms of there's a chance for more books or stories about the character.

Q: So do you have anything else in mind already for it or a short story coming soon as well?
RJ: Not right now but the possibility exists for more depending on how it's received.

Q: What will be after Bounty Hunter?
RJ: I'm not sure just yet. I would probably say Deadlock or Wanted if only for the fact that they have more written pages than the others but they're not that close to being done as yet.

Q: Will Bounty Hunter be out by the end of the year?
RJ: It's tough to say. Ideally I'd like to say yes. But my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child in October so I know things will get a little crazy around that time which will most likely push things back a little. I'd like for it to be available by Christmas so people can get it as gifts but we'll see how that goes.

Q: You've been having nice success with your short stories on Amazon with all of them reaching the top 10 in their respective genres, has that surprised you at all?
RJ: I don't know if I'd say surprised but it's definitely not something I was expecting. I kind of knew that Day Of The Assassin would probably get there since there were quite a few people asking for more stories with Matt Beck, so I knew there would be at least somewhat of an audience for it. Mason Files I really didn't know what to expect with it. There was no buildup or clamoring so I figured it could go either way. I wasn't really sure what to expect with Misconduct either. You know, that's a story about a hockey fighter battling through his rookie season, not really something I figured would have a lot of appeal, and I really only skimmed the surface with that. Looking back I could've delved a lot deeper into other issues involving a host of people but that probably would've wound up turning into a book or something.

Q: Could we see a book based off of Misconduct or other stories going further?
RJ: Well, I'm not gonna say no, but it's not something I'm planning on.

Q: What's the feedback you've gotten on your first 2 books?
RJ: Pretty good, actually. I know I'll never be compared to one of the literary greats or win any writing prizes or anything like that but I'm ok with that. The only goal I have is that when someone reads something I've written they enjoy what they're reading and they want to keep turning the page. I think I'm a good storyteller, and when you're done one of my works you'll be glad you picked it up.

Cheryls Book Nook part 2

I would like to thank Cheryl for having me on her website today. You can check it out here

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Book Nook

I will be on Cheryl's Book Nook on Oct. 15th. I will talk a little about The Assassin and Escape as well as the charities they both benefit. There will also be a few autographed copies given away. The website is

Look for another post in a few days from me about book piracy. I've been informed that my books have made it into the land of file sharing and I will give my thoughts on it.