Saturday, January 23, 2010

Deadlock Cover

As I mentioned before, the Deadlock cover came together at the last minute thanks to the work of my good friend, Dan over at OIDStudio. I had a cover already in place but I never really liked it, and thought it would grow on me. In the end, it never did and I just couldn't keep it. So a week or so before the release date I talked to Dan about it and he came up huge and created a great looking cover in about 2 days. Any authors out there looking for cover design or if you're looking for any type of design work, I encourage you to contact Dan and let him know what you're looking for. He's a great guy, awesome to work with, and very reasonable prices. Let him know I sent you. His website is

Friday, January 22, 2010

Deadlock thoughts

Just wanted to throw some thoughts out there on the book. I really like the cover, I liked the alternate cover as well and will post it later just so everyone can see what it looked it. I said it in the newsletter, but I'll say it here for those who don't subscribe, that I think this is my best work yet. From start to finish, I think this is my best writing, and most complete book yet. Hopefully even those of you who aren't fans of Westerns will give the book a shot, never know, you may like it! This will probably be my last Western book for at least a year or two. I'll probably release a few short stories in that time but the next few releases will be other genres.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deadlock Release

Here are a few links if you are so inclined to try the book out. In the next few days I will talk more about the book, the cover, and some future things. Deadlock eBook: Rye James: Kindle Store

Smashwords - Deadlock - A book by Rye James

Mobipocket eBook: "Deadlock" by Rye James