Friday, October 31, 2008

Barnes & Noble

I usually include links from my books to Amazon cause thats what I usually use but I know some can't stand them and prefer Barnes and Noble. If you have a members card for B & N the books are $1 cheaper than Amazon. The Assassin is $9.95 and Escape is $8.98 there. Just thought I'd pass it along if people weren't aware of it already.

I'll be passing along some news about the cover for Bounty Hunter tomorrow, so be sure to check back.


For those of you who have the Kindle....The Assassin has dropped in price to $3.19, and Escape is now $3.99. No idea how long these will be on sale for but I thought I'd pass it along to those who have the Kindle and are interested in downloading those books.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

baby news

My e-mail box has been filled up this past week since I've been very quiet with people wondering if we'd had the baby yet. Well I can now say..yes! We went to the hospital Sunday night and the baby was delivered Tuesday morning at 8:12am. It only took 34 hours! The baby was 9lbs 2oz. Both mother and son are both very healthy and will be released today. Thank you everybody for your support. It is appreciated.