Sunday, December 5, 2010

call for Beta Readers!

I'm now sending out the call for Beta Readers for my newest book, Shattered (unless I change it--which I might!). This will be Book 1 of The Evil Series. I'm interested in both other writers and just plain readers. If you're interested...or not sure...send me an email so we can talk abou it. You can have the chance to be among the first to read this story and possibly even influence it!! 

Here's a blurb (not official-and probably will be changed!) :-)
Hell wants him. Heaven wants to save him. After tragedy strikes Mike Moore, the Devil sees an opportunity to acquire another soul while he's in his darkest moments. An Angel is sent to guide him back from the lowest depths of his soul. Will he rise above the darkness or will he give in to hate and anger, seeking revenge for what he's been put through? What transpires is a man's personal struggles to do what's right or succumb to evil.

Here are some general questions if you're interested in being a beta reader:

Does any part of the story Drag?
Are their parts that you skipped to get to ‘the good part’?
Do I over-inform anywhere?
Did you Get it?
Did you understand every phrase / term I used?

Do the scenes flow?
Does one scene lead logically into the next?
Is there enough downtime between intense scenes to allow it to build to the next?
Did the actions & positions flow smoothly from one to the next, or did they jump as though something was skipped?

Is anything visually confusing?

Can you see every action clearly?
Did you have to reread any part of the action sequences to understand who was doing what?
Could you see what the characters looked like clearly?
Did I forget to describe their clothes, their hair, their eyes, any other distinctive feature that pertains to a specific character?

During DIALOGUE scenes…
Could you see what the characters were doing while talking?
Could you see where the characters were while talking?

Did the characters work?
Do the characters act realistic?
Does the dialogue sound realistic?
Do their reactions seem logical & realistic?
Could you feel the emotions between the characters?
Did the characters seem in character?

Are there any parts of the story you hated?

Would you buy this book if you saw it in a bookstore (online)?