Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day of the Assassin

Is now available and only 99 cents! Here are the stories and link:

Day of the Assassin

Matt Beck is back as The Assassin in this short story collection. Day of the Assassin includes 3 short stories featuring:

Noose for an Assassin-A crooked card game leads to Beck being thrown in jail. While in jail a lynch mob forms with the intention of stringing Beck up by his neck until dead. Will they succeed or will they string up the wrong man?

Revenge of the Assassin-Someone takes a shot at Beck as he's riding to the town of Everwood. Beck goes to town and hunts down the person responsible. Beck finds the culprit, but shows compassion and spares their life, before he is forced into a deadly showdown.

Assassin's Day-Beck is summoned to a town to avenge a prostitute who was raped. Beck stops at nothing to force the guilty party into a duel.