Saturday, November 8, 2008

Octobers Interview

Here is October's interview from the website.

Q: During our last interview you stated you were just putting the finishing touches on Bounty Hunter, how is that coming along?

A: We're getting there. I've got someone doing the cover and we're trying to come up with something that appeals to me.

Q: Is December still the targeted date?

A: Yeah. It depends on how soon the cover is done. Hopefully it'll be ready sometime in December. If not, I can't imagine it not being ready by the end of January, but it's also somewhat in the hands of distribution and how fast they get things going.

Q: Is Deadlock still next?

A: Yeah, I've pretty much mapped out most of what I want to do with that story, so it'll definitely be next.

Q: Have you chosen a charity for it yet?

A: No, not yet. I've got some really good choices to pick from. That's one of the hardest things is that there's so many organizations that I'd like to help that it's tough to narrow it down to one.

Q: You mentioned Wanted in our last chat. Is that still on the horizon?

A: It's definitely on the horizon but probably will not be one of the next couple releases. I originally thought it'd come out after Deadlock but I've been contemplating releasing a couple non-westerns first.

Q: Really? Can you shed any light on these?

A: One would be a Thriller and another would be like a supernatural Thriller.

Q: Do you have titles and plots for these yet?

A: No titles yet. The basic story I have down. I know what I basically want to do with both of them. It's just flushing out the details and getting from one point to another.

Q: Can you tell us the storylines?

A: Hmm...not just yet. Maybe next month I'll divulge a little more once I get working on them a little more.

Q: You look pretty well rested so I imagine the new baby hasn't arrived yet?

A: Good observation! No, he hasn't come yet. We're at 38 weeks right now but my wife is measuring at 42 weeks so we actually have another ultrasound tomorrow so we'll see how things go from there. It's possible that we could have the baby by the end of the week depending on what the doctors recommend

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bounty Hunter cover

The cover for Bounty Hunter is finished. It was completed by Greg Banks a few days ago. Took a little longer than I had planned but we went through a few designs before we found one that I really liked. Still not sure on a release date but it most likely will not be before the year's over.