Sunday, January 11, 2009

December Interview

Here is Decembers interview from the website.

Q: There's a rumor that Bounty Hunter is going to released around Christmas, is that true?
RJ: Partly. It will be released on the Amazon Kindle probably around the 25th-28th. Then the paperback will follow that.

Q: What's the reasoning behind that?
RJ: Well, there will be a certain amount of people who may be getting a Kindle as a gift. The thought is that when they go to look for books they'll see Bounty Hunter as a new release and hopefully give it a try.

Q: We know Deadlock will be the next book after Bounty Hunter. How's it coming?
RJ: Very well. I'll most likely be done by the time this interview hits the website. I've never been one to write a big amount at one time but there have been a few night where I was able to write 15-20 pages at a time which is very unusual for me. The story just flowed very easily for me so I'm happy about that.

Q: You've mentioned some Thriller books you were working on after the next two books are released. Can you tell us more about them yet?
RJ: I haven't started working on them yet other than a few rough ideas. I haven't sat down to write any of the stories yet till I have Deadlock finished. I am excited to start working on them though. I think they'll be really interesting stuff. One would be a supernatural thriller involving a man who goes through a tragedy and winds up being both tempted by the devil and saved by an angel. I think that could be really cool. The others are 2 bow and arrow and swords type of books, kind of Lord of the Ring-ish. And the other would be a mystery/thriller called Murder On The Hour.

Q: Wow! Sounds like you're gonna have your hands full for quite some time.
RJ: Hopefully they'll be stories that just naturally write themselves and won't take too long to write but you don't really know till you get involved in it.

Q: So the Westerns are being shelved for a little bit?
RJ: That was the plan. I don't know, though. It's tough for me to just say I'm not gonna write a Western for a few years though just because I love the genre so much. There's a few things I could do.

Q: Maybe a short story or two between books?
RJ: Well, yeah, that'd probably be the only thing I could do. I've actually already come up with outlines of another 8 or 10 Bounty Hunter short stories.

Q: Where would they be published?
RJ: Well that's a good question cause Amazon Shorts are not accepting new material and may well not accept anything new again as they don't seem to know what to do with the program. So that would leave putting them up for free on the website or packaging them together as another book.

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