Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rough Week

Haven't posted anything in almost 2 weeks. Still here and kickin', just hit a bit of a rough spell. My truck broke down and the family dog(living with my parents) had a stroke. Looks like she's starting to get a little better but she's 14 so I don't know how much time she has left. She was my first dog and it's rough to see her in bad shape. The truck needs a new's only at 36,000 miles and I got the warranty on it so it looks like everything is covered...thankfully! I won't get it back till next week though but at least I'm not paying for it.

In the next week or two I'll be making some announcements on some things I'm working on. I'll be releasing a few short story compilations before the next book is released so at least they'll be some new material coming out. I'll be giving out more info in the next week but I'll give a hint on one of them....some of you who've e-mailed me will be very happy as to what it is! :-)

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