Sunday, June 6, 2010

June Interview

Q: Well, we're back with another round of questions. It's been a few months since we had a Q&A session.

RJ: Yeah, I apologize to all my readers for not having the site updated in a while. I've been using AOL dial up forever and it just took a long time to do everything, or wouldn't do it at all, and it'd frustrate me to no end. I just switched to Verizon high speed and now everything comes up within seconds, so the site will definitely be updated a lot more frequently. It's pretty exciting that I don't have to wait 10 or 20 minutes for a website to come up!

Q: What else do you have planned for the site?

RJ: I'm overhauling the books page. My short stories-Day of the Assassin, Misconduct, and The Mason Files are no longer being sold on Amazon so I have to redo the page.

Q: Any particular reason for not selling them anymore?

RJ: It was Amazon's decision to drop all stories from their old Shorts program. I could republish them again today if I wanted but the mininum I could charge is .99 cents and I don't think it's reasonable to expect anyone to buy a single short story for that price. Day of the Assassin will be put into a short story compilation that I'm releasing called, Assassin's Day. The Mason Files will probably work it's way into a Mason Files story compilation at some point as well. Misconduct...I don't really have any plans for at the moment.

Q: What's there to look forward to for the rest of this year?

RJ: I expect to release Assassin's Day and Empire before the year is over.

Q: I know I read some things about you not sure whether you were going to release Assassins Day as a novel or short stories? Sounds like you've made up your mind.

RJ: Yeah, I'm going to release it as a group of short stories. I really contemplated reworking the stories into a book but I would just rather work on some other stuff since most of the stories are done.

Q: Any other plans?

RJ: At some point after Assassins Day is released I'm going to release an e-book box set of the Westerns. So instead of buying them all individually you could get The Assassin, Asassins Day, Bounty Hunter, and Deadlock at once.

Q: What's the reasoning behind that?

RJ: Well it'd be a win-win for everybody. If a reader were to buy each story individually it'd cost them about $6.97. If I were to bundle them as a collection and it cost say $4.99, the readers would save money and I'd wind up making more money than if it was bought separate so everyone would benefit.

Q: Is that all the changes you have planned?

RJ: Nope! Readers will soon be able to order autographed copies on the website. I'll also be offering my e-books directly off the website if someone wants to purchase them through me instead of Amazon or whoever.

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