Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beta Readers

I'm once again putting out the call for beta readers. This time it's for my fantasy book...right now being called Empire (thinking of other options). Will probably start sending out copies sometime next week for those interested. Here's a little info on the story:

(not an official blurb or anything as I haven't worked on it much)

Drobania is on the verge of a rebellion. The leader of the rebel forces is a great warrior named Todel and was once the comander of the empire's elite guard unit, The Protectors. It's decided the best way to end the rebellion is to eliminate it before it starts by killing their leader. A small band of soldiers is sent to the mountains to find Todel and kill him. The man in charge of this band, Taidyn, is the only man capable of killing Todel in battle. He is also the current commander of The Protectors. Taidyn is unsure whether he is capable of killing Todel. The reason....Todel is his father.

If interested let me know.

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