Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Numbers

The whole family is sick other than me so all I've had to do today between taking care of 3 people is run a few numbers between getting up and down. Here are my 2011 sales on Kindle:

1) The Assassin
2) Escape
3) Bounty Hunter
4) Deadlock
5) Day of the Assassin
6) A Soul Worth Taking

I even took it a step further and analyzed my all-time sales since my first book in 2008 and their percentages.

Amazon Kindle   80%
Paperbacks         7%
B&N Nook        6%
Mobipocket        5%
Smashwords       1%
Apple                 1%

I was surprised that paperbacks came in at #2, even though it was a distant second. I would expect going forward that Amazon will continue to be where the majority of my sales come from. Mobipocket has ceased operations so that is no longer in the equation. I imagine the Kindle will continue to be at least 80% of my sales unless I can make a bigger dent into the Nook store, but it seems harder for unknown authors to make a mark there.

Just some numbers I thought were interesting and figured I'd share.

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